What kind of vehicles do you repair?

We regularly repair all makes and models of vehicles. We proud to be the only BMW-Certified Collision Repair Center in South Eastern Wisconsin. We also specialize in import vehicles such as those that are sold at our Umansky Motor Cars dealerships - BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Volkswagen.

How much does an estimate cost?

All estimates are gladly done free of charge. You are not required to get more than one estimate for any insurance company. The only estimate that matters is the one from the shop you choose to perform your repairs. All estimates are for visible damage only, as there may be more hidden damage.

What if my insurance company's estimate is lower than yours?

It always is, insurance companies insure vehicles. We are the professionals of repairing them. We will negotiate with your insurance company to get all the monies required to repair your vehicle back to manufacturers specifications.

Am I entitled to a free loaner car?

Unfortunately, we are such a large shop that we cannot supply loaner cars to our customers. Most insurance companies policies will cover a rental car. You will need to find out how much daily coverage you are entitled to under your policy. We can help you schedule an appointment with Enterprise, and they can directly bill your insurance company.

If my vehicle's frame is damaged, is it a total loss?

No. A car is total loss only when the price of the repairs exceeds the insurance company's determined value of your vehicle. Nowadays, most cars are built using unibody (frame and body as one) construction. With the aid of our state-of-the-art computer measuring system, our highly skilled technicians can return your vehicle to its original factory specifications. If it is determined that the frame section is bent beyond repair, that section can simply be replaced.

Why should I repair my vehicle at Collision Center of Milwaukee North?

We are the only BMW-certified collision repair center in South Eastern Wisconsin. Other dealers may claim to be certified, but rest assured, they are not.

Our technicians are trained by the same people who built your vehicle at the factory. The training, equipment, and facility is something that other shops do not have access to unless they are a certified repair facility.

Do you work with all insurance companies? 

ABSOLUTELY. Some may be much easier to deal with and have your safety as their first concern, where other companies only care about keeping claims inexpensive and are fast to limit their rental costs. Collision Center of Milwaukee North will not compromise your safety or our quality standards for anyone! We will also deal with your insurance company on your behalf.